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Wedding tent

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Nowadays, tent weddings are becoming more popular and fashionable. No matter you are to give you his wedding or buy tents for your loved one's wedding, no matter you are to buy a large, long-term fixed in a location tents to expand your rental business or want to buy some tents for short-term rental business, capa tent can provide very good wedding tents, and with the corresponding tent accessories, make you, or your relatives, or your client's wedding perfect classic.

Advantages of tent wedding:

Wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day in your life. You want everyone to remember, but ultimately you want to show your personal charm and taste through this wedding, because this day is unique and timeless. Wedding tents are the best way to show off your style, and tent weddings are becoming more popular and fashionable. Unlike a traditional wedding venue, it gives you more freedom and flexibility to personalize every aspect of your wedding.

Tents and awnings have a unique atmosphere. Set up a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent space for the activity, which is different from other Spaces in life and shows the special nature of the activity. In addition, tent, tent room is very free and flexible, in tent, tent room, what is possible inside, long form, square, L shape, romantic, classic, special theme... The bride and groom can respond to various requirements and write them on the contract. Unlike the traditional fixed wedding venue, the decoration is fixed and limited, and the size and shape are fixed and unchangeable.

Application: banquet area, dressing room, corridor facility, food service area, dancing area

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